"Answer To A Pool Player's Prayers"

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Wow. Richard Kranicki's book goes into great detail, with sixty-four illustrations on 110 pages, on all matters of shooting, including stance, alignment, aiming methods, and cue tip aim compensation. This book can greatly help you improve your game, if you take the time to apply the lessons it teaches. If you are going to practice, you want to practice doing the RIGHT things. This book shows you what those things are. Here are some reviews of the book: He (Richard Kranicki) has invented, by necessity, a whole bunch of new terms and phrases. Nobody has ever taken this subject matter to the depth Kranicki has. In short, this is a serious book, compiled by a committed, creative, and inventive author. If you are looking for a new challenge, or if you realize the incredible impact of eye and head alignment on your consistency, I suggest you pick up a copy. -- Bob Henning, in The Billiard Newspaper; Richard Kranicki's new book is the mother of all treatises on the fundamentals of pool. Kranicki has taken the basics and broken them down to a level heretofore unprecedented. For the most part, he concentrates almost entirely on aiming and physical alignment. -- Jim West, in Billiard Digest magazine; Kranicki explores some areas that I've never seen before. As one example, seeing the contact point, aiming point, equator of the ball, etc. are all skewed by the fact that we are looking at a sphere from a standing position. The title doesn't tell much, but this is primarily a book about seeing and aiming - the first that has been devoted to this highly critical area. The benefits to your game could, and probably will be - AMAZING. It will get you thinking seriously about your aiming methods. It's on my must-have list.-- Thomas C. Shaw, Pool and Billiard Magazine