"Capelle On 9-Ball: Archer vs Reyes," VHS and Book

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This book / VHS tape combo is an innovative approach to billiards instruction. The famed instructor, columnist, and author Phil Capelle has done it again! The video portion of this package is the complete famous match-up of Johnny Archer and Efren Reyes at the Sands Open 23 in 1996. This match was filmed and produced by Accu-Stats Video Productions, and is presented just as it was aired. Bill Incardona is the commentator. The second part of the video analyzes the 25 most important shots of this match in great detail. Using special effects, you can easily see the great moves and devastating mistakes the pros made, and learn from their experience. The book starts by taking you shot-by-shot through the match. Key shots are diagrammed to scale. In this first part of the book, there are over 100 lessons to help you improve your game. Learn pattern play, position, and defense. The second part of the book teaches you how to think and play like a pro. Learn how the pros use their time during a match. See the break techniques the players employed. See when they used what bridge. Learn what techniques worked for each player, and what things they did that hurt their chances at victory. Any pro will tell you that a sure-fire way to improve your game is to watch the pros. With this package, you can not just watch, but STUDY TO WIN.